The Greatest Song

It’s been said that when it comes to sexuality, evangelicals are good at rules but little else. But God’s vision for sexuality is so much bigger than rules and lists; it’s big, compelling, life-giving, and the very thing that Ps. Cam explores in this series in The Song of Songs. 

1 | The Greatest Song

Picking up from the Sexuality message from ‘Into the Web’ , this talk returns to Genesis to understand why scripture declares a book of erotic love poetry to be the greatest song we could sing.

2 | A Magnetic Desire

As sexual beings, we all experience the pull of sexual desire. But what should we make of this deep magnetic-like force that draws us together? In this talk Ps. Cam explores Sexual Desire from the first chapter of The Song of Songs. 

3 | Deep, Healing love

In this talk, Ps. Cam reflects on his own experience of Christianity’s teaching on Sexuality in light of chapter 2 of The Song of Songs. There, in that chapter, we see the unexpected healing that can be found in the sexual relationship. 

Further Reading

During the creation of this series, there were a number of resources that Ps. Cam found particularly helpful. So, if you want to explore sex and sexuality a little more, you might find these helpful too.

Song of Songs

Of all the commentaries Ps. Cam used, this was his favorite. Helpfully explicit, Tremper Longman doesn’t shy away from explaining the imagery found in The Song of Songs, allowing you to see the full, life-giving beauty of sex as understood by its feminine author. 

Sexless in the City

Written by Kat Harris, this book is a fun exploration of sexuality through the lens of a single women living in New York City. It provides an easy onramp to exploring the topic of sexuality which can be further developed with other, more academic texts.

The Great Sex Rescue

Written by a biostatistician, a phycology graduate and her mother, these authors draw from phycological, biological, and their own research to deconstruct unhealthy approaches to sexuality often found in the church, and reconstruct healthy approaches on the other side. While this book does draw from academic research, it is very accessible for the average reader.

Divine Sex

In this book, Jonathan Grant seeks to develop a theology of sex that goes beyond rules and lists. For those seeking to develop a more systematic theology of sex, without getting too academic, this might be  worth a read.