Into the Web…

In this series Ps. Cam will unpack one part of what it means to be human, so we can use it as a guide in approaching challenging issues. Then, with the help of Elisha Hartley, he’ll apply it to the issues of: divorce, sexuality, ecology, money, and politics.

1 | Discovering the Web

This talk lays the foundation of all that is to come, as we explore what it means to be human using Genesis 1 as our guide. What we discover is that by learning how we are made, we also learn how we rightly approach the many issues that we encounter in life.

2 | …Divorce

In this talk, Ps. Cam takes the foundation set in his previous message, and applies it to the issue of divorce. Here we see the biblical writers using a similar framework to the one we’ve already developed, as they approach this issue with others, and with others in mind.

3 | …Sexuality

While sexuality is THE issue of our time, the church’s silence on the topic has often left Christians unable to meaningfully engage with the topic. In this message Ps. Cam explores what it means to be a sexual being in relationship with others, and with others in mind.

4 | …Ecology

From climate change to pollution, environmental issues are frequently surface in the media and everyday conversations. But did you know that the bible has a lot to say about how we treat the environment? In this talk Elisha Heartly explores what it means to approach the environment in relationship with others, and with others in mind.

5 | …Politics

Never talk about politics or religion right? Well, not this time. In this talk Ps. Cam addresses politics head on, and how we, as Christians ought to approach it, in relationship with others, and with others in mind.

6 | …Money

Money is something that clings to, and leads our hearts. But what is the goal of our money, what purpose should it serve? In this talk Ps. Cam addressed that very question, exploring the topic through the lens of the feast.

Further Reading

During the creation of this series, there were a number of resources that Ps. Cam found particularly be helpful. So, if you want to explore these topics a little more, you might find these helpful too.

Kingdom Ethics

Kingdom Ethics is a great resource, just don’t expect to read this cover to cover. It’s a reference text, so is the kind of book that you return to when issues arise. This text is widely referenced, so you can trust it, and addresses many issues that  we didn’t address in this series.

The Four Loves

C.S. Lewis’s classic, ‘The Four Loves’, is one that Ps. Cam frequently returns to. His reflections on the human experiences of loves expressed as affection, friendship,  eros, and charity are both rich and insightful. 

Sexuality and Sex Therapy

Written as a guide for Christian Counselors in the area of Sexuality and Sex Therapy, this book is not for everyone. It’s helpfulness comes from its deeper dive into human sexuality, and its wrestling with what this means for the many different situations that people may face. 

Practicing the King’s Economy

Written by the current Old Testament Lecturer at our own Carey Bible College, this book explores the economic structures within the Old and New Testaments to discover God’s purpose for our economic life.