Advent ’21

The Christmas story is one that is right with wonder and joy. This year, we are leaning into that wonder as we retell the story, drawing out the big biblical themes as we do, themes of Hope, Faith, Joy, and Peace.


This series of talks were given across 28th November to 19th December 2021.

1 | Advent Hope

In the first message of our Advent series, Ps. Cam begins with the prophet Isaiah, its connections with the Gospel of Matthew, and what this teaches us about Advent Hope.

2 | Advent Faith

In exploring the theme of Faith in the Christmas story, Ps. Cam turns to the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth in Luke. There we see a reminder to hold onto faith in God’s plan for the world and our part in it, even in the face of disappointment. 

3 | Advent Joy

With the announcement of the birth of Jesus, Mary had plenty of reasons to be frightened, so what was it that strengthened her to commit to God’s purposes in the midst of that fear. In this message we explore how the Joy of being heard and seen by God was that strength.