Finding a small group can be hard.

From working out which group to visit. To visiting that group, full of people you mightn’t have met. To trying to work out that group’s ‘vibe’. To then deciding to try another if it doesn’t quite work for you.

That’s why we have #GrabYourGroup. A page where you can find extended descriptions of small groups along with contact details to help you negotiate this challenge, and successfully Grab your Group.

General Small Groups

VBC Steak-01

Monday Evenings 

Many people would remember being a young adult as “the best time of my life!” But there can certainly be some challenges too…  This is the period of your life where you make some of your biggest decisions that will have an impact on the rest of your life.  How do you find God’s will for these decisions?  What career path will I choose?  How do I find a life partner?  How can I be free to live in the abundance that God promises us?  At Steak you will find friends with similar questions.  We find the ultimate Truth in the Bible to know Jesus, follow Him, Worship Him, support each other and spread His Word to others.  Hence the name Steak, we chew on God’s Word to get all the flavour out of it, and then let it become part of us to permanently change us.  Everyone that has finished school, up to their mid-twenties will find this group with their (most unique and unusual!) personal differences very stimulating and a good way to stay connected with the mother ship – Village Baptist Church.  Come and have a taste!


Tuesday Mornings

Below is an image of some of the ladies who met at the Martin’s beach cottage for our first get together of the year. We all enjoyed that special day out together and Jenny was a wonderful hostess.

We meet in the Church  on a Tuesday morning from 10 until around 11:30. We are a group of ladies who have been together for a long time and enjoy being together and sharing bible study  and praying for the group’s needs as well as the bigger needs around us. On the last Tuesday of the term we meet at a cafe for a social get together before we break for the school holidays. If possible we often meet at the Mary Doyle Cafe so we can include two past members of our group who find it difficult joining us during the week.


Tuesday Evenings

We are a family friendly group with kids aged between 6-16. We love talking about life, love and everything in between as we gather around God’s word to grow and learn together. Please note that we do not offer a separate organized session for kids but leave them to keep themselves entertained (they are welcome to join the sessions if desired)

We came up with the name based on the fact that we would love to serve the church as a team and not just gather together. Some people may not have a tomorrow so why not do it/say it/ or share it “now”


Tuesday Evenings 

Lead by Keith Hooper, this group values deep bible study. The group will usually choose a book of the bible, which they will then work through in a slow, and deliberate way. To find out more, contact Keith using the button below.


Tuesday Evenings

The aptly named Men’s Group is just that, a group of men who meet every Tuesday evening. It is hosted in the homes of those who attend, so it changes week to week. During their gatherings they will work through a study together, and spend plenty of time praying for one another.

Daughters of the King-01

Wednesday Evenings 

We are a ladies group who meet fortnightly on a Wednesday evening, at Janelle Kirkpatrick’s home, during the school term.  Angie Pratt leads this ladies group which was founded to specifically help women feel connected and supported in their faith and relationships with other Christian ladies. Our aim is to grow in our faith to become women after God’s own heart. We do this by encouraging, sharing and praying for one another, as well as having lots of fun together.  We do a variety of studies including using books, videos and “Right now media” resources. We keep connected in between study group via a messenger group chat and other social outings.

The Walls-01

Wednesday Evenings

We run a fortnightly homegroup – men meeting one week and women meeting the next. Yes, our group is split into men and women, largely so that parents with kids are able to attend while the other parent stays with their children. However, having children is not a prerequisite to join! Doing studies with just men or just women also enables different conversations than a mixed group may have.

Our studies are often based on watching speakers on Right Now media speaking for a short time, then doing a study and  having a discussion based on this. We usually do a short series on a topical issue, or book of the Bible. We always begin with a catch up and supper, and end the group study with a good prayer time, praying for each other as well as what we have been discussing.

We enjoy each other’s company and try to get together for social events when we can – sometimes with just men or women, and sometimes with all the families meeting together.

If you think this format would suit you, we would welcome you to come and meet our very friendly groups.

The Fargons-01

Thursday Mornings

As men’s group, we like to keep it simple, we’re about coffee and fellowship. We meet fortnightly at Hawthorne Coffee Roastery & Espresso Bar to enjoy a coffee together and to get to know one another. Our desire is that this space develops into one where life is shared, and support is found.

Parkinson Group-01

Thursday Evenings

Our small group has been running for quite a few years and over this time we have developed some long lasting friendships.  It is a place where you feel safe to share your thoughts, feelings and prayer needs in confidence. The group has a relaxed ‘vibe’ about it. It is non-judgemental and we are extremely supportive of each other. Over the years we have completed a variety of studies and in recent years most of our studies have been through Right Now Media. Sometimes we’ll take a break and have a social evening or someone will lead us in a time of prayer/and or communion. We are mostly made up of the 60 plus age group and would welcome younger members. We share our meetings around various homes and aim to complete our time together by about 9pm. It is also run with a shared leadership and everyone is welcome to facilitate one of our evenings as most studies have a great leader’s guide and video presentation. Sometimes our evenings may seem a bit quiet, but that’s okay as we are very respectful of people’s personalities and circumstances. We all love our Church family and see small group as an extension of this and a great way to deepen our relationship with God and each other.


Thursday Evenings

Like the Parkinson Group, the Warren’s group has been running for a number of years, during which deep relationships have formed. While this group will often work through a bible study together, its primary value is relational intimacy; being vulnerable, and sharing life together.


Sunday Evenings

A family bible study at Chris and Mel’s from 5:30-7:30 at their place.  Includes a shared potluck meal, fellowship, kids space & a separate adult study. All are welcome.

Youth/Intermediate Small Groups

Friday Social-01

Every Second Friday Evening

Each school term we gather from 7pm for Games nights, paintball, Ready Steady Cook, Chillzone, inter generational challenge nights, beach excursions and tramping. It’s all about being together.

Let’s hear what our youth say: “A great way to finish the week with people who are definitely a Community and a crazy funny family.

If you’re year 10-13 feel free to check us out.

Friday Fortnight [Int. Youth]-01

Friday Evenings (Fortnightly)

The Friday Night Social is focused on being a social event. It’s somewhere that intermediates can deepen their relationships together, in a casual space, which they can also feel comfortable inviting their friends to.

Every Friday Night is different, with different programmes happening in different places. To find out what will be happening over the next term make sure you touch base with Matthew Witheford.

For Year 7 – Year 9 students.


Launch a Group

Maybe, God isn’t calling you to Grab Your Group, but to start a group that others can grab. If that’s you, we’d love to have a chat about how you can start your own small group, and what resources we can make available.