Get Connected
We believe that Church is all about doing life with God, together.

Sometimes the ‘together’ part can be a challenge. So, to help you connect with others we have a couple of pathways to help: Service Teams, and Small Groups.

connect groups

During the week we have a couple of groups that exist to foster relationship and connection. These are usually around an activity such as craft, or games. 

The Craft Room

Every Wednesday during the school term.
From 9:30am in the Church Cafe.

The Craft Room is a group that is open to all, where you can meet and connect with others over craft.

For more info, you can contact Sue McCallum at: 06 877 5397

Prime Timers

First and Third Wednesday of the Month.
From 1pm in the church Foyer and Cafe.

The Prime Timers is a 60+ connect group where you can get to know others over a came of indoor bowls, board games, or the occasional outing.

For more info, you can contact Jenny Martin at: 06 877 7672

Service Teams

In family life, sometimes there are tasks that need doing. Serving on one of our teams isn’t just about ‘getting the task done’, it’s also about building relationships with others while you serve. 

On Sunday

Sunday morning worship is a significant time in the life of our Church, requiring volunteers to make it happen. From the cafe team, to children’s ministry, there are lots of places where you can get involved.  

During the Week

From Youth Studies to Alpha Courses, and Mainly Music to Craft Groups, there’s lots happening at Church during the week which utilizes a range of skills: from cooking meals, to setting up, to being a good listener. 

Small Groups

Small Groups are small, casual, informal gatherings where we do life together. 


The Wall’s | 7-9pm
This group, run by Alistar and Deb Wall, is designed with parents in mind. Alternating, with the men meeting one week and the women the next, this ensures that each spouse can attend, while the other is home to look after the kids. For more info you can contact:
Deb at  027 677 4716


Ladies Morning Study | 9:30-11:30am
The Ladies Morning Study group meets every Tuesday Morning to work through a study, and pray for one another over a cup of tea. For more info you can contact:
Jenny at 021 382 148

Young(ish) Adults | 7:30-9pm
The Afters is a young adults group that meets together every Tuesday evening to reflect on Sunday’s message, and pray together. For more info you can contact:
Anna at  021 185 2152

Hooper Study | 7:30-9pm
This group, run by Keith Hooper is for those who want to dig deeper into the Bible. They work through scripture slowly, book by book. For more info you can contact:
Keith at  027 688 6097

Youth Study | 7:30-9pm
As part of our regular youth program, the youth team run a study night every Tuesday. Here they explore the Christian faith topically, around lots of junk food. For more info you can contact:
Stu at  027 441 2720

Men’s Evening | 7:30-9pm
The men’s evening group meets every Tuesday night, hosted in the homes of those who attend. Here they work through a study together, and spend plenty of time praying for one another. For more info you can contact:
Dave at  06 877 7994


Women’s Morning | 9:30-11:30am
The Women’s Morning group meets every Wednesday morning to share life together, and pray for one another. For more info you can contact:
Philippa at  022 680 9519


Parkinson Group | 7:30pm
The Parkinson group is made up couples who meet to build their relationships with one another, while studying the Bible. For more info you can contact:
Mark at  06 877 8006

Knowles Group | 7:30-9pm
The Knowles Group is a mixture of people of all ages and stages. They gather to pray, study, and grow together. For more info you can contact:
Lindsay at  06 877 2101

Warren Group | 7:30-9pm
The Warren Group is mostly made up of mature couples, who have a pastoral outreach focus. They meet to chat over a coffee and study. For more info you can contact:
Robyn at  06 878 7840

The Gathering | 7:30-9pm
This is a group of millennials who gather together every two weeks to explore what it means to be a follower of Christ in the 21st century ‘post-Christian’ world. We take turns leading or facilitating discussions. For more info you can contact:
Andy & Nina at  022 533 6880