About us

Hi there!

Thanks for checking out Village Baptist. I’m Cameron, the Lead Pastor here at Village Baptist.


I’m passionate about seeing Church become a safe place; where people can reveal their wounds, and experience healing in a community of love; where people can be honest about their doubts, and engage thoughtfully with their faith.


So feel free to check us out some more, flick through the other pages, and watch a couple of our services. And if you are able, please come to visit, we would love to meet you.

Being ‘Baptist’

Just as every Christian is a particular kind of Christian, every Church is a particular kind of Church.
As for us, we’re Baptist, and Baptists are marked by four key distinctives. 

Authority of Scripture

We want to encounter God as He really is, not who we might imagine Him to be. So we take the bible as our primary guide. At times, this means that we wrestle with scripture. But we aren’t alone, because God is with us in the wrestle.

Liberty of Conscience

We believe that following Christ also means adopting His non-coercive form of leadership. This not only shapes what leadership looks like in our Church, but also leads us to affirm the freedom of the Church from the influence of the State. 


As the fullness of God is present in the local Church, we, as a local Church, gather to discern His will for us. We do so by listening to Him, and by seeking to hear Him speak to us through each other. So that in hearing His will, we might then commit ourselves to the task. 


Since Baptism is a symbol of being united to Christ by faith, we believe that Baptism is best reserved for those who have professed faith. In symbolizing Christ’s death and resurrection, we also believe that full immersion is preferable.

What makes us, us

While Village Baptist is a Baptist Church, it is also a particular kind of Baptist Church. We are significantly shaped by our Vision and Mission Statements. 

Who we are (Our Vision)

Come as you are.
Be Transformed.
Make a Difference.

We believe that at His core, God is love. One of the ways He expresses this love is by accepting us as we are: broken, beaten, and bruised. But having accepted us, God in His love also seeks to transform us, so that we might be returned to wholeness. Along this journey, God also calls us to participate in His good work by making a difference in the lives of others, by sharing with them the accepting and transforming love that we have received. 

Where we’re going (Our MISSION) 

To go into our community, so they can know Jesus.
To make spiritual homes, so they can be nurtured.

We aren’t satisfied with simply opening the Church doors and hoping people come in. We want to connect with our community, out in the community, so we can share God’s love with all who live in our community.

Knowing that we all need spaces where we can be nurtured, and nurture others in faith, we want to create spaces where this can take place. These ‘homes’ include our Sunday Services, Messy Church, and our Small Groups and Courses.

Our Mission

Mission is a big part of who we are at Village Baptist. We allocate a minimum of 10% of the tithes we receive to support overseas mission. Click the link below to find out about what we are doing in both local and global mission.